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What Our Customers Say About Us

Feedback One

Tape arrived as described and adheres well to my wooden garden beds. Although there has been a decease in the slugs and snails, it by no means keeps them all out. I suppose it's possible that I wasn't able to remove all of them before applying the tape so others may have more success. Overall, I'm glad I tried it though.

Feedback Two

I used it for electronics and its very easily solderable and works as great shielding! nice and thick BUT there is wax paper on the underside that you have to peal off and this is great as it does not make the tape sticky but make sure you tape the tape back down or it will unravel ... i like to take a bit of the backing off and stick the tape back down 

Feedback Three

Exactly what I needed in repairing an iMac G5. As I was disassembling the iMac there are various wires that had Kapton tape, before retirement my previous job use this tape at work so I was familiar with it. This tape is handy when working on electronic parts that require Kapton tape. 

Feedback Four

Worked as advertised. We use them to cover equipment ID tags on small lab equipment frequently cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. Previously the tags were fading. The tape is transparent and works well in this application

Feedback Five

This tape was purchased to isolate motor contacts in model locomotives. It works as expected. I would buy again from this seller and manufacturer.