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1" x 55 yds - 1 Mil Copper Foil EMI Shielding Conductive Adhesive Tape

1" x 55 yds - 1 Mil Copper Foil EMI Shielding Conductive Adhesive Tape

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Product CATE: COP303

Model No: COP303-3133

Technical Specifications

Technical Data:

Color: Copper
Carrier: Copper Foil
Adhesive: Conductive Acrylic Adhesive
Carrier Thickness (mm): 0.025
Total Thickness (mm): 0.06 ± 0.005
Appearance: Excellent, no oxidation
Initial Tack(Steel Ball) (#): 11
Resistance(ohm/in2): <0.05
Holding Power(1kg/inch): ≥1140
180°Peeling Strength: >8 N/25.4mm
Application Temperature: -20~120℃
Storage Condition: 20℃, 65% RH


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The tape consisting a copper foil backing coated with conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Product Feature:

- Heat preservation, heat insulation

- Waterproof, cold and heat resistance

- Strong adhesion and easily peeled off

- EMI shielding

- UV resistance, flame retardant

- Moisture resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance

- Ideal for outdoor application and durable


- Double conductive

- Eliminate the effect of EMI

- Avoid unnecessary current and voltage

- Ideal for transformer, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, and LCD monitor, PC, copier etc.

- Self adhesive copper foil tape used in fridge, air conditioner, automotive, bridge, hotel, electronic industry etc.

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